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JUBAH LELAKI, TRADITIOANL MUSLIM DRESS FOR MEN- Jubah Lelaki from MyTrend is must-have piece to own and suitable to be styled at anywhere and anytime. It is made for the modern Muslim men who wants to look impeccable with a hint traditionalism. The well-designed Jubah Lelaki is suitable for many occasions and it is up to the wearer to carry it to greater heights. It is made with the finest fabric, with a specially designed push button collar designed by the designer himself.


Pakaian tradisional extends beyond just representing an identity and ethnic. Even if the times are changing, men’s traditional wear can and is often styled for different purposes ranging from casual days to formal occasions. The Jubah Lelaki is a great must have item for anyone looking to diversify and add a traditional staple their wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with a minimal design for a statement street style outfit of the day. Check out MyTrend pakaian tradisional for men and enjoy the great promotions matched with excellent quality when you shop with us!